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Vastu tips for Shop maharaj kapil The seating arrangement of the owner should be in such a manner, that he/she faces east or north direction. South and west directions are not recommended, as they are considered the source of trouble and loss to the business. Square or rectangular shaped shop is best. Irregularly shaped showrooms are likely to cause loss to business. While constructing the shop/showroom, make sure that there is no slope towards the main entrance, as it obstructs the path of profits. Avoid placing the idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi on the right or northeastern corners of the shop. For cash counter, choose a place facing north side. In case if the box is very heavy, such as a hefty almirah or safe, it is suggested to go for the southwest corner of the shop. Make sure that the door of the almirah/safe opens towards the north. You can keep the heavy items in the south west side of the shop. In case you have planned to install television or computer in your shop, then assign the southeast corner of the shop. In order to retain the positive energy within your shop, make sure that all the doors open inside. Make sure that the hinges of the door are not noisy. If so, grease them periodically. It is recommended that the doors of your shop should open towards the right side. Enhance your shop’s premises by growing small decorative plants and shrubs in the north and east. best astrologer in indore best astrologer in madhya pradesh maharaj kapil u
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