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weeak sun in chart Indications are a lack of self-confidence, self–esteem or self-respect – a general low self-worth. There will be lack of strength of will and courage, along with fear of others. The individual may lack drive and motivation and may be dependent upon others emotionally and materially. They will look to others (usually family and friends), for their sense of identity and will find it difficult to do things on their own. They will have a poor self-image, and look to others to define who they are. They are usually not very successful in life or their success will not make them feel good about themselves. The individual may be sluggish, slow, dull or lethargic. The father of the person usually does not have a good fate in life either. On the physical level, the individual may suffer from low energy, pallor, anaemia, cold extremities, weak digestion, poor appetite, weak or slow pulse, weak heart and poor circulation. There may be edema, accumulation of water and phlegm, and general hypo-function of the organs and nervous system. The eyesight may be poor. There may be arthritis and weakness of the bones. The resistance will be low, particularly to cold and damp conditions. Remedies for Sun As per vedic ancient texts, worship the ruling deity Lord Shiva, Lord Subramanyam for blessing of Sun Recite Aditya Hridaya stotra daily or Gayatri Mantra daily for pleasing sun god One of best remedies for sun , do Japa of Planet Sun’s Moola mantra: ॐ ह्रां ह्रीं ह्रौं सः सूर्याय नमः ॥ (“Om hram hreem hroum sah suryaya namah”), 7000 times in 40 days. Do Some Charity – Donate wheat, jaggery, dark vermillion color clothes on sunday to make sun stronger
Chandra Yantra (Yantra For Moon )to gain knowledge This yantra has unlimited power to give knowledge. This yantra is prepared by basic mantras of moon. In today’s world every person requires knowledge and peace of mind. Chandra yantra is useful for every one.worship this yantra with faith .this can also be worm Following mantra Should be recited 11000 times Benefits: It enhances the peace of mind, gets favour from ladies, officers and Govt. In problems signified by Sun like weak eye sight, headache, disturbance of blood circulation bone weaknesses, palpitation of heart and inflammatory conditions etc. it is beneficial. The Moon represents the business & profession of Liquid Products like, Milk, Ghee and Butter etc., Serials, Export-Import, Pearl, Silver, Harvesting, Agriculture, Salt, Medicines, White Products and Travel Agency etc. so the persons who are in the said fields should use this yantra. Mantra for moon : Om Shraang shring shraung sah chandramase namah Copper plate yantra :550/- Gold plated yantra :750/- Bhoj patra yantra :350/- Paper yantra : 250/- Astrologer in indore ! Astrologer In India ! Best Astrologer In Indore ! Best Astrologer In India ! No. 1 Astrologer In India || Vedic Astrologer In phillipiness ! Vedic Astrologer In India ! Best Astrologer In India !
Vastu remedy for interior For good health, always keep your head in the south and east while sleeping. Sleeping with the head in the north is not advisable. Try to avoid the northern direction for cooking and eating. East is considered the best direction for these activities to promote effective digestion and good health While following vastu for health, keep a rubber or Tulsi plant, preferably in the north east. According to accepted vastu tips, pregnant women should avoid sleeping in the northeastern room to prevent miscarriage and abortion. To avoid brain and heart problems, avoid sleeping on beds made of metal. Ensure there is no heavy furniture right in the center of the house.because its a brahma isthan Lighting a lamp or candle in the northeastern direction daily promotes good health. Common vastu remedies require people not to perform any activity under the beam. Avoid sleeping and resting under dropped beams to prevent headaches and depression. Do not place your bed in front of the mirror. This helps avoid bad dreams. these vastu tips are a good place to start understanding the tenets of this ancient science.
Surya Yantra : For Good Health Sun is regarded as most powerfull of all planets and is the master of many activities in human life .Sun gives good health , energy and success to mankind .Surya yantra is ideal , if sun is weak in horoscope. Keep the yantra before you in the morning and worship in a normal manner with lamp and incense etc. recite mantra of sun . for bliss and gains from father , success in life , this yantra is ideal Manta for sun : om harrang hring harung sah suryaay naham Copper plate yantra : 550/- Golde plated :750/- Bhoj patra yantra : 550/- Paper only : 350 /- This mantra should be recited 1000 times .pooja should be perfoned with red chandan and red flowers