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weeak sun in chart Indications are a lack of self-confidence, self–esteem or self-respect – a general low self-worth. There will be lack of strength of will and courage, along with fear of others. The individual may lack drive and motivation and may be dependent upon others emotionally and materially. They will look to others (usually family and friends), for their sense of identity and will find it difficult to do things on their own. They will have a poor self-image, and look to others to define who they are. They are usually not very successful in life or their success will not make them feel good about themselves. The individual may be sluggish, slow, dull or lethargic. The father of the person usually does not have a good fate in life either. On the physical level, the individual may suffer from low energy, pallor, anaemia, cold extremities, weak digestion, poor appetite, weak or slow pulse, weak heart and poor circulation. There may be edema, accumulation of water and phlegm, and general hypo-function of the organs and nervous system. The eyesight may be poor. There may be arthritis and weakness of the bones. The resistance will be low, particularly to cold and damp conditions. Remedies for Sun As per vedic ancient texts, worship the ruling deity Lord Shiva, Lord Subramanyam for blessing of Sun Recite Aditya Hridaya stotra daily or Gayatri Mantra daily for pleasing sun god One of best remedies for sun , do Japa of Planet Sun’s Moola mantra: ॐ ह्रां ह्रीं ह्रौं सः सूर्याय नमः ॥ (“Om hram hreem hroum sah suryaya namah”), 7000 times in 40 days. Do Some Charity – Donate wheat, jaggery, dark vermillion color clothes on sunday to make sun stronger
horoscope Saturn in seventh house Saturn Governing the seventh house denotes should marriage take place however it promise a faithful and steady partner one who is just though rather grave and serious very industrios, persevering careful thrifty and is not a very favourable testingmoney for prosperity but it denotes a faithfulness in the marriage stat although care should be taken not to allow coldness to spring up between you at any time for patner will not be over demonstrative in affection and will prefe action to speech and loving deeds in perfernce to use of many words of endearment. best astrologer in indore ! motivational speaker ! vastu expert !
If you are in search for a helping hand, someone who can guide you through some of the most important decisions of your life relating to career choices, love life, health problems, business and other generic problem, KAPIL MAHARAJ is definitely somebody you can turn to. His years of experience as an successful astrologer comes in handy and helps him to find the real crux of your problem, be it a rough relationship, business going downhill, not striking the right cord with the family, unable or hesitating to take the correct decisions for yourself or almost anything that worries you, this man has the solution to all your problems. He will help you find out your troubles and then advice you on how to correctly deal with it. Since the movements of stars and planets have a great bearing on human life, his analysis will help you figure out where possibly things are going wrong and what you should do to remedy it. He is hands down one of the best astrologer in India and has clients from the length and breadth of the country. His wide range of services include solicited advice on matters of health, love, finance, marriage, business, family, career so in case there is anything troubling you, his help is something you should definitely seek. Fate is written in heaven, they say. But is there a way to alter the bad that may have dawned upon you? Or change how everything is moving? Yes, there is! With the services of KAPIL MAHARAJ, you can get help easily. Marriages – Unable to find a suitable partner? Tired of rejections? Come to us and we’ll provide you with the best solutions to help planets come in your favour. Kundli Milan – Matches are made in heaven. One that’s successful, is an institution indeed. Partners need to be chosen wisely, after careful consideration. Marrying in haste will only leave you with repentance in leisure. Kundli Milan helps in forecasting major problems that may dawn upon the couple. Let us be a part when you extend family. It is one of the most significant tasks to be undertaken before tying the sacred knot. Get lost love back – If there are any problems like leaving your partner after a divorce, remarriage, love marriage, etc. we can help you get back your lost love. Don’t lose heart over the past when it can be rectified. Financial consultation – Have you been bearing loss since a long time. It is now time to make tables turn in your favour. Clear all debts and make profits by following the solutions provided by KAPIL MAHARAJ. You will never regret coming to us. Business will grow by leaps and bounds. Palmistry – One of the oldest practices in astrology has been palm reading. Some future predictions can be made, based on palm reading. Hence, you must come to us to know more about what fate has in store for you! Numerology – Even the best and the most successful men have taken numerology advices. These have indeed helped them grow to giants in their field and solve lots of problems. Numbers are involved in all aspects of our lives and we must respect and acknowledge the astrological definitions of numbers for different individuals. Gemology – Gems too, like numbers play a major role in keeping us safe and away from trouble. According to the zodiacs, each individual tends to have a lucky gemstone. Right gemstones can bring in lots of luck into your lives. Health problems – If you have been facing severe health problems from a long time, it must be due to the position of the planets. You must visit us once to consult about the same. Sometimes, the solutions are simple and we simply increase the problem due to negligence
General Tips for vastu @: The entrance to the house should be towards the east as it is considered an auspicious direction. The entrance should also be well-kept and nicely decorated @ : The north direction signifies prosperity, as such this part of the house should not be blocked in any way @: Make sure to never grow a Cactus plant in the house @: Hinges on doors should work smoothly and should not make noise @: If the house has a slope, it should be from south to north or from west to east only @: Avoid putting up paintings or pictures that depict violence or sorrow
Surya Yantra : For Good Health Sun is regarded as most powerfull of all planets and is the master of many activities in human life .Sun gives good health , energy and success to mankind .Surya yantra is ideal , if sun is weak in horoscope. Keep the yantra before you in the morning and worship in a normal manner with lamp and incense etc. recite mantra of sun . for bliss and gains from father , success in life , this yantra is ideal Manta for sun : om harrang hring harung sah suryaay naham Copper plate yantra : 550/- Golde plated :750/- Bhoj patra yantra : 550/- Paper only : 350 /- This mantra should be recited 1000 times .pooja should be perfoned with red chandan and red flowers
Chandra Yantra (Yantra For Moon )to gain knowledge This yantra has unlimited power to give knowledge. This yantra is prepared by basic mantras of moon. In today’s world every person requires knowledge and peace of mind. Chandra yantra is useful for every one.worship this yantra with faith .this can also be worm Following mantra Should be recited 11000 times Benefits: It enhances the peace of mind, gets favour from ladies, officers and Govt. In problems signified by Sun like weak eye sight, headache, disturbance of blood circulation bone weaknesses, palpitation of heart and inflammatory conditions etc. it is beneficial. The Moon represents the business & profession of Liquid Products like, Milk, Ghee and Butter etc., Serials, Export-Import, Pearl, Silver, Harvesting, Agriculture, Salt, Medicines, White Products and Travel Agency etc. so the persons who are in the said fields should use this yantra. Mantra for moon : Om Shraang shring shraung sah chandramase namah Copper plate yantra :550/- Gold plated yantra :750/- Bhoj patra yantra :350/- Paper yantra : 250/- Astrologer in indore ! Astrologer In India ! Best Astrologer In Indore ! Best Astrologer In India ! No. 1 Astrologer In India || Vedic Astrologer In phillipiness ! Vedic Astrologer In India ! Best Astrologer In India !
Astrologer Maharaj Kapil Sharma is blessed with religious intellect and rich moral values from his birth. His grandfather Sadguru swami shri shambhu ram babaji was a very famous Astrologer. His authority was worth famous in his time. After being completely absorbed with lesson taught by grandfather followed by intense training under Mentor sadguru swami umesh ji maharaj mumbai and Guru maa ishwari devi’s blessing, Astrologer Maharaj kapil Sharma from the age of seven years started working on astrology and Vedic Rituals. Astrologer Maharaj kapil Sharma never considered Astrology as a scripture or religious thing. He always believed there is something more than this. Astrology is a ‘Science’. His style of understanding the planetary position & their impact in human’s life is purely scientific which attracts the present generation. As it connects with their ‘logical’ thinking Today not only from India but people from far flung places like USA, Singapore, Canada and Australia comes to him to get the solutions for problems related to their business and family Astrology relations.he also visited manila, cube phillippiness, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bali, Uganda-southafrica, bangkok, Dubai Astrologer Maharaj kapil Sharma is also popular among Indian Film Industry celebrities for their career guidance & film predictions. The vision of Astrologer Maharaj kapil Sharma’s life is to resolve the problems of people with this scientific boon called ‘Astrology’.He also wanted to overcome the cliché notions in society about astrology. He does not give just the solution of problems but also explains the logical & scientific connection of it. So why wait? Let your life also enjoy this lifetime experience of knowing the future with this magical science!!!
VASTU TIPS FOR PLANTS KEEP POSSITIVE ENERGRY PLANT IN YOUR HOME Tulsi: Tulsi or basil is considered a very auspicious plant in Hindu households. The plant is considered holy and is worshiped regularly. Few people keep tulsi inside their house. As per vastu tips, keep this indoor plant at North, Northeast or Eastern side of the house. You can also keep the tulsi just near the entrance on indoor plants the specific direction. Living room: Decorate your living room with cascading and crawling indoor plants. According to vastu, such plants reduce the imbalance of protruding or sharp columns, corners or pillars. Avoid thorny plants: Do not keep thorny plants indoors. It might prove unlucky. Do not grow banyan or peepal tree indoors. According to vastu tips, you must also avoid growing big plants in the northeast directions of the house. Plant rock garden in the southwest direction of the house. Even fruit plants must be planted in the east direction. Avoid growing bonsai plant in the house. Even plants bearing red flowers should be avoided indoors. Instead, grow money plant as it is a lucky indoor plant as per vastu. Lemon, lotus, money plant, basil, and jasmine are few lucky plants as per vastu. Do not grow big plants at the main entrance door. Even grown plants should be avoided at the entrance door. Avoid keeping indoor plants inside the bedroom. However, only money plant can be grown inside the bedroom to bring property and good luck.
Vastu remedy for interior For good health, always keep your head in the south and east while sleeping. Sleeping with the head in the north is not advisable. Try to avoid the northern direction for cooking and eating. East is considered the best direction for these activities to promote effective digestion and good health While following vastu for health, keep a rubber or Tulsi plant, preferably in the north east. According to accepted vastu tips, pregnant women should avoid sleeping in the northeastern room to prevent miscarriage and abortion. To avoid brain and heart problems, avoid sleeping on beds made of metal. Ensure there is no heavy furniture right in the center of the house.because its a brahma isthan Lighting a lamp or candle in the northeastern direction daily promotes good health. Common vastu remedies require people not to perform any activity under the beam. Avoid sleeping and resting under dropped beams to prevent headaches and depression. Do not place your bed in front of the mirror. This helps avoid bad dreams. these vastu tips are a good place to start understanding the tenets of this ancient science.