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Daridra Yoga (Poverty Yoga) As per Traditional astrology this Yoga is formed, when the Lord of the 11th is placed in the 6th, 8th, or 12th. As per Nadi astrology this Yoga is formed when two planets combine as in, Jupiter+Mercury, Mars+Jupiter, Sun+Saturn, Sun + Moon, Rahu+Moon, Moon+Ketu (In varying degrees ie. Full wealth may not be enjoyed by native himself) among few other combinations. As per KP Astrology, if most of the planets are placed in the 5th house, or in Nakshatra of a Planet owning the 5th, or occupying the 5th, then such Yoga is formed. (Here the simple principle is that people take advantage of the native leaving not much for him to fend upon) maharaj kapil !best astrologer in indore !
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